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iMote Parental TV Control

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Do your kids lose the remote as often as you do? If so, why not get them their own remote that also gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing what they’re watching is safe and secure?

The iMote is a special, kid-friendly remote designed specifically for the parent who wants parental controls built into their child’s viewing experience, but still wants their offspring to retain some control. The iMote can be set up so that five different kid-safe channels are programmed into it. These channels will become the only available stations that your kids can watch on the television. All the others will then become blocked. These channels can be changed by re-programming the remote, so you’re not ever locked into a specific set. This feature is useful, because it encourages children to watch on their own, while they remain safe from mature programming.

Your kids can customize the remote itself with stickers that detail all their favorite channels, making it easy for them to know exactly which buttons conform to the channels they want to watch at the time. Setup is simple and easy, and the remote is bright and colorful, making it easier to spot (instead of dealing with the standard black remote that is most likely stuck between the cushions of your couch right now).

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