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Incredible Hulk Wall Clock

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Hulk punctual! This awesome piece adds a whole new dimension to the Incredible Hulk’s personality – timekeeping.

OK, so the Hulk himself probably wouldn’t use this wall clock (and if he did, would no doubt smash it), but maybe his super-smart scientist alter-ego, Bruce Banner, would be a fan. “Look – it’s been 10 hours since I last transformed into a green-skinned rage machine!”

Along with the rest of the cinematic Avengers squad, Hulk is at his highest popularity since the beloved 70s TV show, and this wall clock is an evergreen way for young fans to show their appreciation while gaining genuine geek cred. It displays retro Hulk in full on angry mode. You’ll appreciate the old-school character depiction complete with the purplest of shorts and a face that looks very Lou Ferrigno-esque. The clock hands are simple, but that’s only to highlight the perfect circular backing. The numbers are appropriately purple set against the frame’s depiction of a classic style comic panel montage.

This is a great addition to any superhero-themed bedroom/nursery. Let’s face it, there’s no wrong age for classic comics, and it will be a whole lot easier teaching time with an awesome Hulk clock.

Note: This product is not made of iron and will not withstand smashing. Smash at your own risk.

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