Sonic Youth T-Shirt

Every indie rocker kid (whether they are a hipster or not) felt a massive wave of shock, denial, and disbelief when they heard the terrible news about the split between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. Then came the next inevitable step: a race to every music website known to man for confirmation of the news. […]

Minecraft Periodic Table Youth Tee

Good games do not need good graphics. The recent surge in Indie Video Games has taught us this, and there exists no finer example than the massively popular Minecraft. If your kids don’t already play it, they should, as it’s both entertaining and educational. If they are playing the game, help them show off their […]

Creeper Tee

If you’ve ever played Minecraft then you probably love the Creeper. And by love, I mean fear him to death. Nothing says fun like exploring a dark cave when suddenly, zzzzzzzzzz—– KABOOM. Just like that, your belongings are gone and you have to respawn. Yes, the Creeper’s reputation earns him his name. Kids can be […]

Christopher Walken Tee

Is there anyone in this world whose wit and sparkling banter outmatches yours? Why yes, there is–your toddler’s! Little Cosette or Draco is probably spouting Heidegger quotes while turning up her nose at all the Target-Harajuku Mini-wearing peons surrounding her. That’s why you’ll have to turn to Baby Wit ( Though they have many awesome […]

Pantera Lil’ Dragster Toddler T-shirt

While it seems like it’s getting easier to find kids clothes, especially onesies, with your favorite band on them (because retailers have finally realized there is a market for cool kids stuff) I can honestly say this is the first one I’ve seen for Pantera. Usually you see AC/DC or maybe a Metallica or Johnny […]