Hawaiian Bobtail Squid T-Shirt

Ladies and gentlemen, if I could please direct your attention to your left, you’ll see the next stop on our tour. In these coastal waters, you’ll see the elusive Hawaiian Bobtail Squid, otherwise known as Euprymna scolopes. Look at the size of it!* See its special light organ, differentiating itself from all the other, less […]

Misfits Skull T-Shirt

While I was living in Seattle, I saw an advertisement in a free alt-weekly about an upcoming Misfits show at Studio Seven (in the industrial district of The Emerald City) featuring the original members plus Black Flag drummer Dez Cadena, but without the main man himself, Mr. Glenn I-never-wear-anything-except-black-mesh-t-shirts Danzig (which was no surprise). At […]

Free Bugs T-Shirt

Ever wonder what kind of program your prodigal progeny could create if they were capable of writing complex lines of code at such a young age? Would they create an open-world game filled with cute and adorable things? Would they create a space simulator, or a fantasy MMO, reigned over by an evil overlord? No […]

Lego Black Flag Kids T-shirt

Lego Black Flag Tee

A recognizable band logo is important for successful image creation. Every year, big, corporate record labels spend cajillions of advertising dollars to ensure you, the listening consumer, recognize their rock band brand as easily as you would fire or water. That’s why whenever we come across pictures of dancing tie-dyed teddy bears, guns and roses, […]