Cute Thundercats Onesie / Shirt

Like many of my generation, I have a deep abiding love of The (original) Thundercats. I don’t care about naysayers citing the ridiculousness of Snarf saying “snarf” after every sentence, Lion-O being a child trapped in a buff bod, and creepy android teddy bears. Sorry folks, it’s quality cartoonage and, dare I say, better than […]

My Mom’s Tattoos Shirt

The day before my twentieth birthday I accompanied some friends to a tattoo studio, thinking I would just sit around while they got inked. However, six hours later, I found myself with ink that took up a quarter of my back. Fast forward 12 years, and my daughter is pulling up the back of my […]

Back In The Day Onesie & Tee

Music is integral to kids’ lives, and the paraphernalia associated with music gets elevated to a sacred level. The items that they associate with music now are computers, mp3 players, and even Apple TV. When we were kids, the cassette tape was the object that was able to release endorphins and light up the temporal […]

Motley Crue Kids Tee

The 80’s was an interesting and confusing era in musical history. There were so many genres, saxophones, and Aqua-Net hair dos, that it quickly became a melting pot of random music groups that somehow managed to awkwardly coexist. There was hardcore punk for the punks, Madonna for the teens, Genesis for god-only-knows-who, and Run D.M.C. […]

Big Chomper Girls T-Shirt

Taking acting lessons from the piranha plant in Super Mario Bros. and Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors, Chomper is a massive, tooth-filled Venus fly trap with a penchant for devouring the undead. This genetically-enhanced purple plant monster is capable of devouring any zombie sent at it in one bite, making it a formidable […]

a2 Cow Organic T-Shirt

Put a cow on it! Give your little greenie a top they’ll be proud to wear with the a2 cow organic t-shirt from eco peko’s kiddie collection. What’s eco peko? It’s an Aussie company (family-run, too) committed to sustainability, recycling, non-chemical alternatives, and fair trade. They also donate to environmental groups. Extra brownie points, right? […]

Super Mario Avengers Onesie & T-Shirt

The Super Mario Brothers’ gang are chameleons of the gaming world, continually changing and adapting into a smorgasbord of games and products. But now, DeardenDesign presents the group like you’ve never seen them before: dressed up as the Avengers and ready to take back the Tesseract from the evil-minded Loki! Or maybe they’re just dressed […]