Martian Manhunter T-Shirt

If you’re a DC-loving parent, then chances are your child knows all about Batman, Superman, and Flash. Starting with the basics is great, but remember to educate them to the greater DC Universe, and make sure you include Martian Manhunter, aka John Jones, in your curriculum. Martian Manhunter, despite his menacing moniker, has been dedicated […]

“I Am This Many” T-Shirt

Finding interesting baby clothes (which aren’t featured in malls across America, or anywhere) is a difficult task, and no one knows this better than Etsy designer Jen G aka “LittteMetalMisster.” Jen, after finding out she was pregnant, searched high and low for cool, alternative clothes for her punk/metal style and her soon-to-be punk and metal […]

Pacman Baby Bottles T-shirt

Babies and toddlers may not seem like they do a whole lot besides eat, poop, sleep, and eat some more, but they have an incredible superpower that can’t be matched by even the older, school-attending kids. In just a few years, they double and triple in size, gain amazing muscles and dexterity, and acquire language […]

100 Cartoon Characters T-shirt from RedBubble

100 Cartoon Characters T-Shirt

Who is your favorite cartoon character of all time? Is it Count Duckula? Or maybe it’s The Tick? Well, whoever it is, chances are that they’ve been represented in 8-bit fashion on this awesome t-shirt! Whether you’re a fan of TMNT, Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Marvin Martian or many others, there are literally one hundred well […]

X-Men T-Shirt

Pretty much every kid agrees: school can be a real drag. Except, of course, when that school is for super-mutants who embody the next phase in human evolution. Celebrate the world’s coolest school by sending your child off to the their First Class sporting this X-Men tee. The t-shirt depicts the famous mutants in their […]