Rock Out Drum Kit T-Shirt

Drummers are the unspoken backbone to every band. They’re the ones who keep the rhythm section intact, and are the only members who make sweating profusely look cool and socially acceptable. They’re important, and without their ability to produce insane sounds through two wooden sticks we wouldn’t have rock ‘n’ roll, and without rock ‘n’ […]

Batman Tee

Batman, amongst the multitude of super heroes and villains that spring to life from the minds of comic book artists, has a disproportionately large number of fanboys. This can be evidenced by the recent popularity of Christopher Nolan’s films, as well as the ubiquitous bat symbol emblazoned on t-shirts and bumper stickers and coffee mugs. […]

Boston Band Tee

It’s quite the coincidence that as the description of a Boston band tee for children is being written, who but Aerosmith (the aging, overrated golden boys from Beantown) would instantly come galloping across radio airwaves instead of Brad Delp and the rest of his 1970’s rock star comrades from Boston? “More Than a Feeling” coming […]

Stand Back I’m Going to Try Science Tee

Despite its ambiguous origins, “Stand Back – I’m Going to Try Science!”  (or SBIGTS for short) has become something of a geek rallying cry.  You can’t go to a comic book Convention, Joss Whedon movie, or college dorm without someone striking a heroic pose and separating a solution from a precipitate, or boldly soldering circuits […]

Stone Temple Pilots Tee

Grunge bands sometimes get a bad rap, but seriously, let’s leave Stone Temple Pilots out of that whole thing, ok? Sure, Scott Weiland went on to become more well-known for the illegal activities he did offstage as opposed to the great things he did onstage, as well as his stint in Velvet Revolver (which was […]


Does your tween wake up in the mornings and immediately upload new Fresh Air and Science Friday podcasts? If so, this is the shirt for them! If not, force them to wear it so at least people will think they’re part of the bobo intelligentsia. This incredibly simple shirt will mark your kid as one […]