Dreamer Art Print

The amount of creepy-cute art in the world just keeps growing, and children wearing animal heads populate a large section of this genre. From Max in Where the Wild Things Are, to the mischievous pouters of Yoshitomo Nara, we just love to portray our little monsters as, well, exactly. Zina Nedelcheva’s print “Dreamer” shows a […]

Super Mario Bros Fan Art

It’s so cute! This homage to Super Mario Bros is a wall print sporting the eponymous characters in a beautifully rendered vector drawing, fit for any growing nerdling’s bedroom. The characters are not exactly anatomically correct in their proportions, somewhat resembling bobble heads, but this only serves to up the Squee! factor – the brothers […]

Portal Art Print

Turns out Society 6 has an excellent collection of beautiful wall prints to help your kids display their inner nerd. This particular image is one of my favorites and adds a flavor of something epic to the quirky and humorous world of Portal. Reminiscent of old school 80’s science fiction flicks that took themselves entirely […]