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Indie Rock Coloring Book

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In 2007, The National were a REALLY big deal to hipsters; but as is typical of most hipster mind’s, they wander pretty quickly to the next best thing, especially once whatever they liked a moment ago is eventually recognized by non-music “experts” like themselves. It all has to do with what’s trendy and “in” and not the fault of music at all; The National are a great band! But it’s hard to compete in the Indie Rock scene. You have to be obscure yet accessible, prosperous yet frigidly DIY. It’s an exhaustive process to keep going for a while–unless you’re a member of X, in which case you’d have the formula down to a perfect pat.

The Indie Rock Coloring book, designed by non-profit organization, Yellow Bird Project, memorializes bands in the DIY/Indie scene through mazes and puzzles from Andy J. Miller for tots with indie-lovin’ parental units. With bands such as The Shins, Rilo Kiley, Devandra Banhart, and, of course, The National, as inspiration, this hip, humorous, and morality-driven coloring book donates all royalties to charity and keeps indie kiddies further away from coloring books that are a bit too mainstream for their little hipster tastes.

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