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Inflatable Doctor Who TARDIS

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Yes, we realize there’s seems to be no end recently to the ridiculous amount of Dr. Who merchandizing out there. Blame BBC America’s programming, Netflix instant, and the timeless allure of a time-traveling doctor, a phone booth, and cheesy/awesome special effects. It may be a bit redundant to post yet another TARDIS-inspired piece for your kids. However, I challenge anyone to not freak out at the sight of a 67-inch, inflatable, blue public call box.

Actually better than the TARDIS bathroom, because this walk-in time machine is located in the comfort of your own home and easily accessiable to your nerdlings. Your little one will be the envy of all their (not to mention your) fellow Whovians when you blow this bad boy up and place it wherever you happen to have the space. Another benefit to having an inflatable toy is that you can break it down, ship the kid off to Grandma’s, and laugh hysterically when Mom calls asking what the hell the kids brought to play with.

Face it, the only negative to owning this piece is that you will cry yourself to sleep at night over the fact that you didn’t have anything nearly this cool when you were young.

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