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Ingenious From Fantasy Flight Games

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Some of my favorite strategy games are ones where a single player doesn’t necessarily have an advantage over the others due to experience, having formulated a strategy going into the game. Strategy games can be the most fun when everyone has an equal understanding, and knows when play is about to end, regardless of their skill level. Ingenious, true to its namesake, knows this principle, and applies it to make an addicting strategy game that anyone can learn and enjoy within minutes of setup.

Ingenious has players place pieces in turn order on a hexagonal game board, scoring points by connecting two or more pieces with the same symbol on them. The catch is that each person’s score is limited only to the least amount of matching symbols they have amassed. This forces players to divide their strategy as equally as possible amongst all types of symbols, while others can easily block off symbols from another player. The clear ending comes when the board is full, and no more pieces can be placed.

Ingenious is an excellent games for players of any age, and is great fun for kids to learn. Setup and explanation is simple and easy, but the mechanics are complex enough to add a lifetime of enjoyment without becoming too complicated or difficult to grasp for your nerdlings. It didn’t win a ton of awards for nothing.

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