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Insects and Mammals Wall Decals

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No. You didn’t skip your medication. This is exactly as it looks—an unreal kaleidoscope of color featuring a mash-up of flowers, plants, twisting reptiles and dancing mammals.

A design like this could only mean one thing: it’s from Carnovsky, the Milan based artist/design duo comprised of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. Known for their colliding worlds of images—aka, the RGB technique—Carvosky has created the perfect wall decals for kids who walk to the beat of their own drum. Here’s why these decals are so great: unlike ordinary decals that simply stick to the wall, these come to life and change depending upon whether they’re lit with a red, green or blue light.

Trippy, right? We thought so.

While it’s recommended to light the graphics with an actual colored light bulb, you can use the glasses that come with the decals until you’ve got that set up. There’s red, green and blue lenses in this pack so kids can get the full effect of the artwork.

Think your kid can handle such awesomeness in their room? If the answer’s yes, then don’t wait any longer—get in quick before we buy ‘em all!

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