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Instant Geodesic Dome

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Climbing structure, monkey bars and fort all-in-one, the Geodesic Dome is often the most sought after play structure on any playground lucky enough to have one. Of all the equipment available on the playground, none of them seem to be as interesting or coveted to a child as the big dome you can climb up. It even promotes healthy competition, as most kids seek to climb faster than their friends, or claim their spot as King of the Mountain.

Now the Instant Geodesic Dome lets you bring this amazing and popular play structure home with you, without needing a massive playground for a back yard. What makes this particular product so interesting is its versatility. Unlike traditional massive metal domes, this dome is smaller, more personal, and mobile. It requires only a quick 15 minutes to place and assemble, so it can go anywhere you want it to. Perhaps its most exciting application is as a mobile fort, where children can use blankets, pillows and other safe household furniture to creature a fantastic dome fortress.

The Instant Geodesic Dome supports up to 150lbs. and is made of durable, safe PVC plastic, measuring at 50” height by 70” diameter. It contains 52 interlocking bars and connectors, for simple, easy assembly anywhere. Build the ultimate play structure at home with the Instant Geodesic Dome.

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