Interlox 96 PIece Building Set

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Interlox 96 Pc Building Set

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It’s an unproven opinion that children prefer brightly colored, translucent objects to boring, opaque ones. Why settle for typical construction tools that limit the imagination and don’t attract the eye? Too many times have children’s tower-building hopes been shackled by the shortcomings of their toys. Interlox aims to change the way kids build from the ground up, by breaking the typical conventions of construction toys, and giving them something shiny to look at while they build their towers high into the sky.

Is your nerdling a budding architect that prefers the aesthetic of combining 2D objects to create 3D structures? If so, the Interlox set (which comes with 96 pieces of interlocking plastic panels) was made specifically with them in mind. The only rule is that the edges must be clipped together; apart from that, your kids can build however they choose! Do they want to build a rocket? Interlox can make it. How about a fish, a tower, a pirate ship, or abstract art? Your kids can make those, too. Simply by sliding pieces together until they lock in place, practically any 3D object can be built using 2D parts. Just make sure that if your kids invent the next million dollar idea with it, that they remember who bought Interlox for them. Credit where credit is due, of course.

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