Introducing Your Kids to Fraggle Rock


Can you believe Fraggle Rock is turning 30 this year? If you aren’t privy to this wonderful little piece of 80s TV canon, it’s a Jim Henson production much like Sesame Street or the Muppet Show, but these Muppets live in caves underneith a tinker’s shop. The worlds of the humans and Muppets remain seperate until Traveling Matt decides to explore the world beyond the caves. The episode revolves around the Fraggles retrieving and reading Matt’s worldly postcards and doing their best to dance their cares away, saving worries for another day.


In honor of the big three-o, Hulu has made all four seasons available for streaming. If you prefer your Fraggles without commercials, you can grab the DVDs or subscribe to Hulu Plus. But if you don’t mind the ads, the entire series is free.

Parents will love the nostalgia factor, but will also be surprised how well this show has held up after 30 years. Kids learn lessons along with the Fraggles, who work out their own problems with each other and face interesting ethical quandaries while balancing caution and curiosity about the outside world. They do all of this by following the sage advice of a talking trash heap.


Of course, the show isn’t without signature Jim Henson style entertainment. There are songs, jokes, and lively, well-developed characters.

If you want to take the 30th year celebration beyond your viewing of the show, you can grab the Fraggle Friends Forever app from Cupcake Digital. Kids can follow along and participate in the storybook, and then play a few Fraggle themed learning games.

Manhattan Toys makes great Fraggle plushies in all sizes, from a keychain Gobo all the way up to a jumbo bigger-than-your-kid Red doll.


If you’d like to take your kid’s newfound enthusiasm for the Fraggles to reading time, you’re probably going to want to add the Fraggle Rock graphic novel to your family’s book stash.

And to answer the question you’ve always had about what kind of anatomy lies beneith a Doozer’s moustache, there’s this Doozer Skeletal Dissection art print from Etsy shop Uncertainties.


Once you’ve devoured all 96 of Hulu’s Fraggle Rock episodes, you’re still not done with all that’s out there from Jim Henson. The Jim Henson Hulu Family TV collection has 10 different series including Fraggle Rock: Animated, Jim Henson’s Play-Along-Video, and Mother Goose Stories.

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