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IQ Twist Game

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IQ Twist puts a unique and interesting spin on the classic packing puzzle formula. Instead of simply arranging the pieces on the board, there are colored pegs which force the player to place congruent colored pieces in specific spots. The only way you can place a piece over a colored peg is if the colors match. Furthermore, only certain pegs have holes in them; so you not only have to match the color, but the orientation of the hole on the piece. The challenge of IQ Twist is to place every single piece on the game board while adhering to this rule, but when you’ve got specific pegs that are designed to try and stop you, the game becomes more challenging than it looks.

Each of the 100 different challenges shows the position of each colored peg, so you always have a clear starting point. This alleviates the need for glancing at the challenge book, and allows for continuous play until the puzzle has been solved. The challenges range from introductory level (to teach your child how to play) to puzzles that will require plenty of thought and dedication. If your little puzzler likes games that require planning and thought, or prefers his or her riddles solo, then peg IQ Twist as your next game.

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