Iron Maiden The Trooper Poster

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Iron Maiden The Trooper Tapestry

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If you were a teenager in the 80’s and loved metal, chances are you had a tapestry pinned to the wall of your favorite band. But if you’re currently a young rocker and love all things metal, chances are you have no idea what a band tapestry is, and you figure it’s probably something that old people like. Band tapestries and other things relevant/popular 30 years ago, like cassettes and hair metal, dwindled over time. You could find them sold in various internet auctions and in random record shops in Missoula, but, for a while, they were not the sought-out commodity they once were when Iron Maiden was religion and Bruce Dickinson it’s all-mighty leader.

Luckily pop culture is cyclical, and everything comes back in style eventually (even the beloved cassette). So when your kids show-off their vinyl and vintage tees as a sign of their hipness, you can tell them about the time in history when seeking out bands literally meant going out and finding them either through *gasp* talking to people or through music magazines that you needn’t scroll down to read.

Purchasing an Iron Maiden fabric poster will be a throwback to this time (possibly in your youth) when tapestries ruled; your little metal cherubs will surely enjoy them as a another sign of their mastery of all things vintage. They might enjoy them so much, that they’ll ignite an old trend (kinda like how current music is sounding a lot like 60’s surf rock) based on a love for metal and covering up holes in the wall. Tapestries serve so many purposes.

Hey everyone! Run for the hills. It’s The Trooper!

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