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Irony Art Print

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As a general rule, dinosaurs are not especially fond of asteroids. It is difficult to like something that’s responsible for the death of every last living member of your family, your species as a whole, and the destruction of most of life on Earth.

But there’s just something so addictive about the old arcade game Asteroids that on occasion even very prejudiced Tyrannosaurs such as this one will set aside their differences to play a round or two. And man, does he look like he’s having a blast.

This appropriately named wall print is titled Irony, and is cutesy enough not to terrify your tots so you can show off your nerdy-parentness without junior gamers waking with nightmares. The tongue-in-cheek humor will likely not be appreciated until they get a bit older, but at least they’ll go to bed believing that even terrible lizards can be happy-go-lucky when the mood suits them. As with all Society 6 prints, this wonderful piece of artwork comes in multiple shapes, sizes, and qualities ranging from a simple postcard to a sprawling two by three foot stretched canvas. And, yes, you can get it printed on a skin for an iPhone. There doesn’t seem to be the option to get it printed on a bona fide asteroid, but that’s probably asking too much.

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