Jack and Meg Finger Puppets: Indie Rock at Your Child’s Fingertips


Oh, man, I almost fell out laughing when I saw these Jack and Meg White finger puppets, and then I remembered how much fun my daughter had playing with finger puppets when she was just a toddler. Of course, my kid had the middle-of-the-road variety. You know, giraffes, lions, monkeys. Crap like that.

Well, we had a blast with those things, making up stories for the anthropomorphized creatures. Most of the scenarios were fairly one-dimensional, rolling out typical domestic problems like who’s going to kill dinner tonight. Many of the narratives ended with one or more of the puppets beating the living daylights out of the others.

Imagine the stories that could evolve from playing with these two over-emotional indie rockers. You could introduce your kid to the bizarre culture of celebrity that revolved around these two weirdos. Are they brother and sister? Or are they married? Play it out and see what happens.


You could stage a pre-show conversation about which tunes the duo is going to play tonight. Then Jack could get all broody and pout a little, and Meg could console him by telling him he plays guitar better than Rory Gallagher. Then they both could go on stage and jam on some tunes, and Jack could introduce Meg during her drum solo as, “on drums, my sister … or maybe my ol’ lady … you figure it out …”

Or you could re-imagine the moment Jack decided to break up the band. “Look, we’ve done a lot together, Meg. We played a bunch of music I wrote, and you got to bang on stuff that looks like candy canes. And then we were in that Jim Jarmusch film and almost ruined it because neither of us can act at all, and we got to wear some really cool clothes and all, but dammit, I just gotta play with some people who know what the hell they are doing. I love you sister … or wife … or whatever you are, but Loretta Lynn just called …”

Oh, the possibilities. And all the while, you’ll be turning your child on to what once was a really great band, raw and troubled, but really great. Put on a few tunes off “Elephant” or “Satan,” and pretend that Jack is building an electric guitar out of a coffee can and some kite string. If you’ve got a little girl, like I do, you could talk about how powerful Meg was as a drummer and personality. She might not have been the most technical time-keeper, but she could bash pretty solid, giving Jack the foundation he needed to create one of the coolest red-and-white-clad indie-trash duos of all time.

Get your fingers on these puppets at Etsy.

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