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Jack Skellington Plush

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I have to be honest here: I have never understood the appeal of Christmas stories. I get the lights and the trees; we all need some life and brightness in the dead, dark winter. But what is with Santa Claus? Why does he live in a factory? This myth is an odd hold-over from medieval Europe. What Christmas needs is a new myth that resonates with modern children. If I could change one thing about Christmas, it would be replacing Santa with a cheerful yet maniacal skeleton who wears a bat-shaped bow tie. Oh wait… Tim Burton already already did that.

Yes, Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, and, one magical and glorious year, he subverts Christmas and delivers gifts far more appealing than the usual Christmas fare: shrunken heads and snakes that eat Christmas trees.

This plush doll by Funko for kids of all ages celebrates the landmark film The Nightmare Before Christmas by making the monstrous and weird, cuddly and charming. It is the perfect gift for Halloween or Christmas, or anytime really. (Okay, a shrunken head is actually the perfect gift for Christmas, but this is the second best gift.) Share with your children The Nightmare Before Christmas, and give them this doll to cuddle up to as the fall asleep, as visions of skeletons dance in their heads.

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