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There are SO many children’s albums available, even for those with diverse musical tastes; but sometimes that kind of music (like punk or metal) tends to be a bit derivative and unoriginal at times. Discovering a compilation of cool, kid tunes is like finding the missing piece to whatever it is you lost and now that you’ve found it, the world is amazing and happy again instead of incomplete and depressing. But discovering a great kids album is like finding gold, or like searching through the used bin pile of CD’s and finding an album that’s somewhat listenable; we can all relate to how good that feels.

Hardcore musician/punk rock extraordinaire Michael McKinnon (under his moniker, Jam Toast), in his quest to show kids the greatness of punk, has released two albums of original rock and punk-oriented songs that sound well beyond traditional kiddie tunes: Silly Grown-Ups (2007), and Rock n’ Roll Playground (2010). He even has his kids contribute their vocals on a few songs. How adorable is that? While parents might not find themselves moshing to tracks about weiner dogs on roller skates and shoelace soup without their wee ones in attendance, it’s still a punk album with an anarchist spirit and chaotic attitude that will appeal to tiny punks-in-training and put a smile on older punks, too.

If you’re bothered by the ongoing blasphemy that is children’s music through outlets like Barney, then either of these two albums are perfect and will prevent you from wanting to rip the hair out of your skull; you still have those bald spots from that damn, purple dinosaur.

Here’s an unplugged version of Jump Around from Silly Grown-Ups:

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