James And The Giant Peach

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James And The Giant Peach

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There are certain books that will always stand the test of time. We grew up with them, our kids are growing up with them, and their children will after that. These books don’t have to be action-packed thrillers or sprawling epics filled with turmoil and loss. Sometimes the best books are the ones that affect us in smaller ways, telling the stories of unlikely heroes who very well could have been us if our circumstances had been just a bit different. Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach is one of those tales.

James is an outcast who is constantly oppressed by his only relatives, two awful and conniving aunts. The story of how he grows to befriend a bunch of insects while trapped inside a giant fruit is one that resonates with anyone who has felt a little alone. James and the Giant Peach is an endearing story told through witty dialogue and beautiful illustrations. This fantastic read is a great introduction into the world of Roald Dahl and fantasy fiction. This is one of those stories that every kid should read (or have read to them) while they are still young, impressionable and full of imagination.

In addition to a relatable hero and imaginative, well-told narrative, this book also contains plenty of Roald Dahl’s signature silly darkness. James’ situation is sad and sometimes scary, but Dahl balances the bleakness beautifully with writing that is often humorous and sometimes absurd. Honestly, the idea of including peach-eating sharks when one is riding in a peach-boat is genius; Dahl certainly has a way of making readers of all ages accept the impossible. The stamp left on the soul of a reader by any Dahl book is not easily erased, and James and the Giant Peach is one of the more simple and beautiful of his timeless classics.

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