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Ji Ga Zo 300 Piece Puzzle

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There aren’t many products out there that are good enough to make non-believers convert over to enjoying something they normally wouldn’t like. Ji Ga Zo Puzzles can convince almost any kid who might not be interested in puzzling to want to complete one; it is not an ordinary puzzle. Your kids don’t unbox Ji Ga Zo, complete it, then never pick it up again like they would a traditional puzzle. This one is different every time they use it.

Ji Ga Zo uses (included) software to map out the specific details of any image your kids want to import, which then translates into a 300-piece puzzle that, once assembled, displays the uploaded image in glorious sepia tone. The secret is that all the puzzle pieces are gradients of sepia. Ji Ga Zo works similarly to a mosaic picture, using shades of individual images that only create a distinct picture when combined properly. This allows it to be used and reused as much as you like, giving you and your kids an endless supply of puzzles to complete.

Ji Ga Zo includes 300 pieces, an assembly grid (to make constructing a puzzle out of shades possible), and the required software to upload images. You’ll need a printer in order to get started making puzzles of your cats in funny hats.

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