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Johnny Be Good Shorts

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Though we’ll never know if Johnny B. Goode ever grew up to become the leader of his very own band–or if people came from miles and miles around just to see him play–we can probably come to the safe conclusion that he did, and that he was the best band leader there ever was. For the whole “reading and writing” thing, let’s also conclude that he learned how to do both of these very well, too.

As the inspiration for these cool, kiddie-approved jean shorts for the fashionable little rocker in your family, Chuck Berry’s 1958 classic song (probably the most recognized song in the history of rock ‘n’ roll) is an appropriate name for an article of clothing unlike anything of it’s kind. With a black and white skull on the back pocket of these 100% cotton jean shorts, the rate at which kids will demand to have a pair for themselves will be on the same level as them demanding you give them candy for breakfast or driving to an amusement park to ride on the roller coaster hundreds of times–while also eating candy. Point being: awesome jean short’s with skulls are just as important as candy and roller coasters. Ya dig?

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