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Johnny Fandango Alien Doll

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As the story goes, master guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani was inspired to name his fifth studio album Surfing With the Alien after he met a guitar-playing alien with a horseshoe-shaped head and unsettling smile named Johnny Fandango. So apparently–from Johnny’s POV–Satriani is in his debt.

Johnny Fandango is probably yanking our chains, but what more can you expect from a monster toy dude whom no one knows very well? Being that he’s also claimed himself as the “key contributor” to Elvis’s songwriting career, I have to wonder to what lengths he will go to seek attention. Seriously, Johnny Fandango: I don’t know how they do things on planet Wherever-You’re-From in the far regions of the Fifth Element or something, but lying is the wrong way to make friends. Maybe that worked with Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker, but down here on Earth, sticking solely to guitar and not spewing alien fibs might be in your best interest.

With all jokes and judgments aside, alien/monster dolls made by the designers of Grateful Thread—a website specializing in music-related toys—should be admired and studied. Whether or not they tell fables isn’t a huge deal; it’s the satisfaction of seeing your Joe-Satri-in-the-making hug their best alien friend that really matters. Everyone needs a guitar playing buddy, and one with stories that could fill the Milky Way isn’t as out-of-this-world as most people would think.

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