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Johnny’s Hightop Socks

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You probably remember some crazy high-tops from your childhood; like ones that were purple giraffe print or neon green splashes, or other loud designs you see in old school photos. For decades, high-top sneakers have crossed the borders between all scenes. They look cool when you’re 12, and they look just as cool when you’re 45. Heck, half of you are probably wearing Chucks right now.

Now Johnny’s Hightop Tennis Shoe Socks can help your little one match Mommy and Daddy. The bootie socks, made by Trumpette, are 100% cotton, and have little no-skid bottoms. Afterall, it is hard to look cool when you’re falling down. The pack contains six solid colors, from classic black to “I’m sure this will come in useful somehow” lime green.

The high-top socks fit ages 0-12 months. If that’s true, either they’re really stretchy or your kid isn’t growing and you should see someone about that. But seriously, get these kicks early on and they’re sure to last a few months at least. Although your baby won’t understand the cultural significance on their feet, the bright colors will amuse them and their toes will be warm.

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