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Jr. Roll-Top Desk

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Reading to that belly and reciting Shakespeare before bedtime has finally paid off. You’ve got a little writer on your hands, and you just know they’re bound to strike it rich with those fanciful tales. Ok, so not quite yet, but when they get passed that fascination with genitals (and including them as characters in their stories) then you’ll have a real writer on your hands. You can see it now: morning show interviews, jam-packed book signing events, a Nobel Prize, and royalties.

But a future great American novelist needs a good writing desk if there’s ever going to be a chance of serious, thought-provoking writing taking place. That’s why the Elite Toy Store has come up with the Jr. Roll-Top Desk. It’s just like yours only cuter!

This quality desk is crafted to make sure your mini Ms. Woolf or Mr. Salinger has got everything they need to get creative. It comes with one utility drawer, a lap drawer, plus a pull-out writing board. The roll top interior has a few storage compartments, too, as well as pigeonholes and a pencil drawer. Seriously, whoever designed this little golden nugget of a desk needs a big pat on the back—it’s pretty much got it all. There’s a chair thrown in for good measure, too.

If this doesn’t get the creative juices flowing, then perhaps bank on something else to get your kid rich and famous. We hear kiddie beauty pageants are quite lucrative these days, a la Honey Boo Boo Child.

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