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Just One More Level T-Shirt

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It’s bed time! Wait! Just one more level! This phrase, perhaps more than any other, has been responsible for the loss of countless hours of sleep for young children everywhere. It’s the mantra that keeps parents at bay, and the chant that continues to hold value as your children age and eventually become fully-functional, sleep-deprived, videogaming adults.

It is never really just one more level, just like it’s never really the last potato chip until the bag is empty. The tee itself is preshrunk and comes in a medley of colors and sizes. They also have available a larger, adult sized version so you can get one for yourself as well and show the world that the apple fell right next to the tree.

The site also takes sizing for your video gamer seriously: there’s a very handy chart complete with measuring instructions to ensure that your child’s tee is the best fit possible. Considering how quickly children grow though, I’d just hedge my bets and buy the largest one possible. They can use it as a night shirt for a while until they grow large enough to wear the tee properly.


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