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Justice League Onesies

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In the history of mankind, there haven’t been many arguments that have turned as violent as the nerd-on-nerd debate over which Justice League member is the coolest.

Green Lantern fanboys will spill blood defending their favorite hero and Wonder Woman Templars will break the bones of anyone who dares profane the name of Diana Prince. The Batman versus Superman argument has led to more drunken bar fights than taxation without representation. Personally, my money’s on Superman. A puny utility belt and a flashy car versus the man of steel himself? Please.

Then there’s… well… the Flash. No one really likes him, poor little guy. Some people will defend him, because I guess he’s kind of cool. Occasionally you’ll get someone who argues that he’s the most powerful of the bunch but… well… he’s just not the same as the others. Sorry, Scarlett Speedster, running really fast just isn’t going to cut it in today’s world of gizmo-wielding, flying, extra-terrestrial mega-heroes. I think Aquaman could probably point you toward a lame superhero support group.

With these snazzy little onesies you can proudly proclaim your loyalty to a hero, and get your nerdling looking stylish to boot. They come with snaps on the bottom to easily access the diaper (I bet Batman never had to change a diaper filled with green poop – who’s the real superhero?). And yes, they even sell creepers with the Flash, so if you’re one of the select few, feel free to show off how very strange you are. For those who can’t decide who’s best, they even have in stock a creeper with all the Justice League emblems. Just be careful not to lose your baby Wonder Woman’s invisible carseat.

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