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Justin Roberts Meltdown

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We know you’re secretly wishing cassettes were still around. Right about when that grating kids’ song comes on the playlist again. You just wish it were a cassette so you could “accidentally” pull all that tape out of the cassette (and throw it out the window) when the kids aren’t watching.

Or, maybe it’s just us. No, it can’t just be us. Kids’ music these days is annoying, really annoying.

So we’ve searched high and low for a CD that won’t send you over the edge and we’ve come up with Justin Roberts’ Meltdown CD. Trust us, it won’t make you have a meltdown—that’s just a really ironic title. No, really. (Grammar nerds, pay no attention to our use of the word ironic here. After Teaching Mrs. Tingle and an annoying YouTube guy, we’re not so sure it fits, but don’t you have better things to do than criticize our use of words?).

So. The CD. You’ve just gotta listen to it to know just how good it is (for kids and adults). Bringing alternative vibes to carefree and sometimes hilarious lyrics, this is definitely an album that’s going to be played over and over again—without giving you those angry thoughts of the heyday of ripping apart cassette tapes.

Songs include “Taking Off My Training Wheels,” “Get Me Some Glasses” and “I Chalk.” But our fave is “My Brother Did It”—with lyrics such as “My brother did it, he did it, he did a did a did it,” it’s bound to give you and the kids the lolz.

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