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Kat In The City Placemat and Markers

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The kids don’t want to talk politics or religion at the dinner table. And gossip, you can forget about it. So keep them entertained (and quiet) with this Kat In The City Placemat and Markets set.

Between spoonfuls of mash and forkfuls of tofurkey, your kid is going to become an artistic genius, coloring and doodling all over this cool placemat featuring Kat and, well, the city, in a modern and stylish design. The mat is made from silky food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone, so it will never crease or rip. The dry-erase, non-toxic markers just clean off with a damp cloth and save a few trees in the process, because your tot can color this over and over again.

Why do we love it? It makes mealtime fun. Remember those solemn dinners as a kid–no talking, no eye contact, no dessert until you finished your three-bean casserole. Well, this placemat set will make sure you never bring up your kids the way your parents brought you up! We also love the minimalist style, and the fact that you can foster creativity in your child while they’ve got their mouth full of mac ‘n cheese.

It’s free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates and other harsh chemicals—so all that weirdness in your child you’ve put down to toxic materials in kids’ stuff? Sorry, none of it’s in here.

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