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Keep On Playing Print

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I had to stare at this poster for a few minutes in order to make sure I had spotted all the throwbacks to my childhood. Each time my gaze settled on a particular character made into Gameboy form, a flood of memories from that respective game came rushing back, and I noticed a slight smile creeping up across my face. Plenty of games from my childhood up to recent entries in long-running series are all portable-fied in this work, and all of it looks wonderful.

There’s something for everyone on this “Keep on Playing” art print. Whether you or your kids are fans of classic games, or they just finished Assassin’s Creed 3.25, some of the characters present on this print are bound to resonate. Link (and his hookshot!) might be my favorite, but I’ll admit I chuckled a bit seeing an NES cartridge getting blown into, and I appreciated that I didn’t notice Solid Snake at first glance.

The piece measures 11” by 17”, and is printed on Futura laser gloss thick paper. Tell me what your eyes were drawn to first in the comments, then pick up a print for your kid’s room or play/game room.

This guy has quite the collection, and definitely kept playing

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