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Kelly Green Weezer T-Shirt

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When I was in high school, I listened to Weezer’s Pinkerton until my car stereo actually slapped me in the face and told me to listen to something else. That’s when I switched to punk. But away from the car (in a non-abusive environment), perched on my bed in a room that looked Germany in 1945, Pinkerton provided a bridge between 1960’s pop-rock and the second-wave alt-rock boom of the mid-1990’s that I seriously crushed on. It was an indie rock cocktail mixed with the catchiness of The Beatles, and it was heavily addicting.

Rivers Cuomo, was a nerdy-boy in Buddy Holly glasses that made being nerdy sexy and acceptable to the masses. His style and lyrical subject matter is the reason behind their longevity, and the only reason you need to turn your baby alt-rocker into a bona-fide Weezer fanatic.

The Totem Toddler Kelly Green T-Shirt from the Official Weezer Store website is (obviously) Weezer-themed and (obviously) fantastic. The front image depicts all four members of the band in cartoon form that will make you giggle because of its cuteness. Available only for toddlers, celebrate your ongoing obsession for alternative pop-rock music with the mini version of yourself. Then, buy them some black-rimmed glasses and a copy of every Weezy album. Especially Pinkerton.

Love Pinkerton? Here’s a video to remind you of the good old days:

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