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KEVA Contraptions 200 Plank Set

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As a kid I loved to build things. I had LEGOS, wood blocks, and Tinker Toys scattered all over the living room floor. Hours and hours were spent constructing, and then suddenly demolishing buildings as giant dinosaurs would attack. That may have been more than twenty years ago, but kids will always love building all kinds of structures. Contraption by MindWare adds an interesting detail to the mix. At first, the box seems to just come with a bunch of same-sized wooden planks, but they’ve also included two plastic ping-pong style balls for all the ramps, funnels, and chutes.

When opening the box, I was immediately impressed by the quality. The wooden planks are sturdy, and will hold up under daily wear and tear. Looking through their manual is like a child’s blueprint dream. They literally tell your nerdling how to construct all these… Contraptions, following the step-by-step instructions (my favorite is the Cascade). It reminds me of the old game Mousetrap, without all the moving parts. It is pretty awesome, for what seems to be such a simple idea.

This is a great way for your little engineer to learn about physics, and how to build working structures. Combine these with action figures and your kid will have hours of fun.

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