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Khet 2.0 Laser Game

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The ancient Egyptians had numerous technologies that were vastly ahead of their time. Many of their incredible culture’s riddles haven’t been decoded yet, and archaeologists arguably have more to find. However, as advanced and interesting as the Egyptians were, I’m not sure that they had light amplification technology, or knew much in the way of radiation.

That’s exactly what Khet 2.0 aims to change. Part chess, and part strategy game, Khet 2.0 throws lasers into the mix, as if you didn’t already have enough to worry about from your opponent. There are only four types of pieces in Khet (Anubis, scarab, pyramid, and your main focus, the Pharaoh), but each comes in multiples (with the exception of the Pharaoh) and has either one, two, or zero reflective (mirrored) sides to them. The technique to eliminating your opponent’s pieces is by moving or rotating a piece you control during your turn, then using the laser on your side. If the laser reflects onto a piece your opponent controls that is not a reflective surface, that piece is destroyed. Players take turn repeating these movements, until an opposing Pharaoh is hit, which ends the game.

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