Kickstarter Diary

We launched our Kickstarter today! That sentence is disproportionately short for how much work has gone into making it true. We conceived the idea for our campaign back in April or May when we were at a point where our company needed to grow or go home.

Kickstarter Banner

Nick and I set an evening meeting, because as parents that’s the only time we have to be creative. I had five or six crowdfunding ideas scratched on some paper, but I only had to read the first one:

“I want to make screenprinted shirts of substance that look awesome and come with a book.”

To my surprise, I didn’t need to read the rest of the ideas. That was the one.

Because Nick has really cool and talented friends, our shirts turned out even better than they ever were in my head. Josh and Laura totally nailed it with their six totally unique, super rad designs. We knew they could do graphic design, but neither of us had any idea they had such a talent for portraiture. Crazy.


Besides being an insanely talented artist, Josh also happens to be a t-shirt printer. Can you believe the incredible luck? My friend Matt is also a graphics guy, so he’s doing our book for us. Makes me wonder what other talents my friends are hiding.


Josh the silkscreen master

After four months of planning and preparation (and, let’s be honest, a ton of cussing) we’re here. It feels weird. I’ve looked at these graphics for so long I can’t even see them anymore. But I know we have something special.

I thought you guys might like to know a little more about what we’re doing to Kickstart the Kickstarter. As much as I’d love to pop some popcorn and watch the pledges roll in, there’s a lot of work to do. I owe it to the people who’ve pledged so far and all of the hours of creative work that’s gone into this to get it in front of as many eyes as possible so we can get to work printing our new shirts!

Before day 1

I wanted to give a little nod to folks who’ve covered us before, so I emailed all of my successful press contacts. Will James from Geekdad emailed me back right away on Friday and said his article would be ready on launch day. It was there, bright and early, even before I hit the big green “go” button! Thanks Will.

Geek Dad Screencap

Geek Dad Press Coverage

Launch Day

Nick is sick. The guy who’s always at his computer giving 125% every single day put every last little bit of himself into getting the page ready, and now he’s out for the count.

Things I’m supposed to be doing:

  • Making sure everything links to the Kickstarter page
  • Updating Social Media
  • Tweeting at people like Bill Nye (so far he’s ignored me – I’ll keep you posted)
  • Interacting with people on Twitter
  • Emailing the outreach list (it’s pretty long, you guys)
  • Sending the announcement to the Newsletter Subscriber List
  • Mommying
  • Eating/drinking
  • Maybe the dishes/laundry
  • Maybe a shower??

With nearly half of that list done, we’ve had an awesome awesome AWESOME day so far. It’s 3:30 and we’re 16% funded! WHAT!?! So cool. You guys are just so cool.

Jess had a shower!

Aaaaaand, bonus! I had my shower!


Come back tomorrow for a new Kickstarter Diary update!

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