Kickstarter Roundup: Book Projects for March 2013

Kickstarter is perhaps the most well-known crowd-sourced fundraising site around, allowing anyone with an idea that needs funding to create a project and ask for donations. Project creators typically make a short video to explain the project, and can add photos, plans, and a series of rewards for the different levels of pledges. Folks like us can drop in, find interesting things to back with our promised pledges of monetary support, and only projects that reach their stated funding goal will get the money pledged. In addition to video games, art installations, and film, Kickstarter has seen many book projects. Let’s take a look at a few of the interesting kids books on the funding site.




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Utah-based Jess Smart Smiley is looking for $3,000 to fund her Look-N-Find book, Rumpus On The Run. This hidden object book will be full of imaginative scenes with plenty of things for kids to find, and it won’t be based on any licensed or corporate characters, a feature the author wants to promote. For now, the plans for the softcover book include 10 unique, full-color illustrations with spooky-fun creatures to find. If the project hits $5,000, it will be made into a larger hardcover as well.


Dream Again Children’s Book by Dennis McGregor

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Dream Again, by Dennis McGregor, is a lavishly painted book that tells the story of a patchwork quilt that leads an orphan girl and her horse into an epic adventure. The book is finished, but the author is looking for $24,000 to get it printed, bound, and distributed to all who pledge their financial support. Stretch goals (money pledged above and beyond the initial project request) include a CD full of songs inspired by the work.


The Monster Numbers Book by Darren J. Gendron & Obsidian Abnormal


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Writer Darren J Gendron and illustrator Obsidian Abnormal have created a project to help fund a sequel to their previous work, The Monster Alphabet. The current project, The Monster Numbers, is a 10 page board book that teaches kids the numbers one through ten with the power of legendary monsters, like the dragon with FOUR fingers, above. The project has 29 days to go to reach its stated $1,000 goal, but has already passed the $3,000 mark. Some of that might have to do with the cool flash cards backers can get if they pledge at higher levels of support.

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