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Kid-O Bilibo

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Don’t think your rascals won’t have a grand ol’ time with the Kid-O Bilibo just because it looks simple? Never judge a book by its cover—didn’t you just teach that to the kids? Ok, so it looks simple, but the Bilibo is actually an award-winning design by Swiss designer Alex Hochstrasser. No, really.

It’s made out of high-density polyethylene so it’s resistant to shock, even at low low temperatures. Its also non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Want to know more? Of course you do. There’s no real “right” way to play with the Kid-O Bilibo. That’s where the beauty lies (see, Mr. Hochstrasser was not just a pretty face/Chris Martin lookalike after all). Kids can use this for all sorts of imaginative play. Let us name just ten things your kid can do with this neat little egg-shaped gem: sit in it, fill it with water (and soak a friend), fill it with sand (and make a sandcastle), float with it in the swimming pool, use it as a snow sled (halfway there and we’re not even out of breath!), spin around in it on the floor, use it as Halloween candy storage, use it as a drum, strap it on your kid’s back and step back in time to the Ninja Turtle days, or kids can wear it to the park and peek through the holes to scare the other children. See, the ways in which the kids can use this is endless…and so was that list.

If we haven’t persuaded you to grab a Kid-O Bilibo yet, fine. But we think you’re making a very big mistake.

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