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Kidkraft Roarin’ Harley Davidson Rocker

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If a battle between Power Wheels and Harleys ever broke out during a long night of drinking in a Roadhouse-style watering hole, then Harley Davidson, undoubtedly, would splay the competition all over Route 66. Not to diss Power Wheels or anything, they’re a popular mode of toddler transportation and come in a variety of styles (even a Hummer for chris’sakes!), but it’s not what the adventurous little highway traveler wants to ride away on in their leather jacket and black, wrap-around shades. A Barbie Jeep just wasn’t meant for this.

So let those other babies have their bottles while your rebellious tike takes a swig of milk from their “I Love Mommy” engraved flask and hops on for a rockin’ ride on their Kidkraft Roarin’ Harley Davidson Rocker. The spirit of Steppenwolf and Easy Rider will be right along with them as they head into the sunset on this timeless, wooden rocker, complete with painted flames and sounds at the push of a button reminiscent of life lived on the open road at the speed of very fast. Your Harley baby will adore the cool, leatherette seat and you’ll get your kicks at the sight of a 3-8 year old who sports a skull-covered bandana and refuses to drive 55.

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