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Kids Big Skull Tie

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Kids want to spend their childhoods doused in mud, running around barefoot, and generally not being dressed in a manner that most adults would classify as dressy. However, the occasion often arises when your kid needs to wear a shirt and tie. You can spend an hour chasing him around the house, alternating between cajoling and threatening, until you finally lasso him with some itchy paisley monstrosity.

Or, you could buy him this skull tie from Kawaii kids. It’s black satin decorated with white skulls, some jawless and calm-looking, others with aggressively raised eyes and a brow ridge. The tie’s size range is 6 months to eight years, so it will get years of use, and can even be worn on the first day of school and on picture day. Imagine the pride you will feel when showing friends pictures of your darling boy, hair slicked up in a mohawk, shirt tucked in perfectly, pants creases facing forward, an angelic smile, and a rough and tumble near-demonic tie around his neck. But really, you should match the tie with some chucks, leave the t-shirt untucked, and show off your lil’ rocker’s true personality.

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