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Kids Biker Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets and rock ‘n’ roll go together like mullets and Metallica back patches; when you have one you just have to have the other. As wee rockers-in-training and possibly future Harley owners as well, you can’t travel the open road or attend an Iron Maiden concert without a quality leather coat to protect you from those sneering, loudmouth metalheads whose kick in life is to be sneering and loudmouthed; it’s best your young’uns learn this at an early age.

From FMC comes a high quality, genuine leather motorcycle jacket that Morrissey would probably disapprove of, but that Lemmy would most likely herald, setting your Metal monster on a path of badassian proportions. With four outside pockets perfect for storing pacifiers, various toys, a stash of temporary tats, numbers from playdate partners, and goldfish crackers, it also comes with a quilted lining, chrome zipper and snaps for that authentic biker look, and a half belt for easy adjustment that fits any little boy or girl’s voracious appetite for adventure on a two-wheeled steel beast that mimics those scenes in Easy Rider where Billy, Wyatt, and George are looking for the American dream. But unlike the hassle from rednecks that sadly ended Dennis Hopper’s famous last ride, no redneck would even think twice about messing with your little biker.

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