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Kid’s Cartoon Furniture

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As cartoon dressers go, my personal favorite would have to be Calvin’s from Calvin and Hobbes. Combined with his imagination, I wager it could hold its own against the likes of the operatic Wardrobe from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, or her mafia goon parody in Shrek 2. Or maybe it has more in common with the mysterious, nonsentient wardrobe that leads to Narnia.

Regardless, it’s clear that furniture enjoys a more character-driven tradition in our kids’ fantasy films and literature than, say, adult sitcoms. Seinfeld’s couch may have been peed on, but not by any kid. And it sure didn’t fight back.

While the creations over at Cartoon Furniture probably don’t talk, sing, or defend the house from invaders, they would look perfectly natural if they did! Beds, chests of drawers, side tables, bookcases, and even accessories like their “paint bucket lamps” look like they came right off the Toontown lot (Mickey’s or Roger Rabbit’s – take your pick). Built from durable and safe materials in bright, bold colors and creative shapes, they’re bound to add character to any child’s room. Or why not their backyard? The Tree House is the largest and possibly coolest item on inventory, having more in common with Splash Mountain than Toontown. All it needs is the splash.

So your little nerds can merely look at loony, vibrant furniture in the illustrated Who-homes of Dr. Seuss…or live like the Whos themselves! The “White-Glove” shipping service sure beats IKEA!

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