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Kids Deluxe Indiana Jones Hat

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Can a fedora instantly turn any kid into a bona fide, junior treasure hunter? If it’s Indiana Jones’ fedora, I’d wager it could. I’ve never met a kid who didn’t want to be like Indiana Jones after watching any of the classic films, and for good reason. There’s a lot to love about traveling across the world, fighting the forces of evil, and picking up loot while you’re at it. Add in a splash of dashing rogue-like persona, and you’ve got just about every child’s dream job. It’s not just enough to have a whip and a dust jacket, though, you need the iconic fedora to pull off the ensemble, and this Kids Deluxe Indiana Jones Hat is exactly how to bring it all together.

The Indiana Jones Fedora is not just a simple replica prop. It’s a fully-functioning hat, made of real felt, and measuring 21” in circumference. The hat itself is an officially licensed product, so your kids are getting quality-made headwear, perfect for any kind of rough-and-tumble, knock out the bad guys adventures they can cook up. If your kids are looking for the perfect fit for any treasure hunting expedition, try the Deluxe Indiana Jones Hat on for size.

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