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Kids Gaming Skeleton T-Shirt

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Isn’t the science behind the creation of another human being incredibly fascinating? We love our kids, but when we think of how they came to be, cell division and the formation of the human body itself can be mind-boggling. Which part of the body chooses to become a controller where the shoulder blade goes? Why are lungs made up of Space Invaders aliens? Can our kids break their pelvic bone by mashing too hard on an analog stick?

All jokes aside, our nerdlings all likely grow up in homes that we pre-organized to foster gaming as a primary form of entertainment. We did it growing up, and our kids do it, too. You could say it’s in their blood. This Gaming Skeleton shirt celebrates that fact, letting your offspring proudly proclaim their gamer heritage. The tee comes in three different sizes, ages 2-3, 4-5, or 5-6. The shirt only comes in grey with the neon green skeleton, but I’m sure your kids can use more grey clothes in their closet. After all, this tee is more about a statement, because when your little gamers’ arms are made from PC2 cables, they know they were born to do this.

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