Kids Giddy Up Chair

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Kids Giddy Up Chair

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It will go down in the books as the 1970s Pony Chair, but designer Eero Aarnio took pains in distinguishing between a chair and a seat. In his eyes, a chair was a piece of furniture as predictable as an oven. Though the design of each chair might vary slightly, the bones were generally similar. A seat, on the other hand, could be anything you wanted it to be. And so the pony was born—an adult-size toy that the over 21 crowd could lounge upon while listening to bad disco and sipping Singapore Slings.

Aarnio’s original chair has been reinvented as Giddy Up, a shrunken version of the original that will appeal to a new demographic–children. The shape of this chair will obviously delight little ones—after all, how many kiddies don’t want to own a pony? But the feel of the chair is what will really draw them in. Created from a moulded foam body, feet, and ears, the Pony is a squishy, comfy delight. Unlike most plastic child chairs that boast images of popular children’s cartoon characters, the Pony will stick around for a long time because it serves double duty as an interesting piece of art to be displayed in your home. It is made from quality fabric—30% cashmere and 70% polyester—and comes in three attractive shades: magenta and Aarnio’s original green and orange.

Safe, fun, and long-lasting, the Pony Chair is a great gift for children with active imaginations. And, admit it, you will not be able to resist playing giddy up yourself after your child is tucked into bed.

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