Kids’ iOS App Roundup For February 2013

Apps for kids are a hot item in the app store, and while Android tablets are beginning to make inroads to the home and classroom, Apple’s iPad continues to be the tablet to beat. With the iPad and the iPad mini, kids are more and more likely to be the ones using apps. With that in mind, here are a few of the standout apps for kids that came out this past month.


Ötzi – App for Kids – Play & Learn is an app created in collaboration with Italy’s South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology that lets kids experience Otzi the Iceman, a mummified man found near the border of Austria and Italy. The app has a great deal of information about the stone age, the remains of Otzi, and a fun section where they can take a picture of themselves to insert into a scene from the Ice Age. The app itself is geared for kids aged seven to nine who have a typical reading level.


Futaba Classroom Games For Kids is a digital quiz game for up to four children with a wide range of questions suitable for kids from preschool to tenth grade. The question appears center screen on an iPad, rotates around, and then each kid can answer, multiple-choice style, from their section of the screen. Once ten questions are answered correctly, that child earns a Futaba, a fruit that figures throughout the game. Even better? Parents and teachers can create their own quizzes to populate the app, letting kids learn custom information while having fun.


 Snow Queen is an iPad-only adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale with 27 pages of interactive artwork, seven mini games, and comes with English, Russian and Ukranian language support. Kids can listen to the story, narrated by Johanna Parker, and read along while looking at the gorgeous artwork. What better way to experience this timeless tale than on a high-tech iOS device?

Wombi Treasures

Search for lost artifacts and explore history and archaeology with Wombi Treasures, a treasure hunting game for kids. Tap an X on the world map, and zoom down to an archaeological dig site where kids can chip, dig, and sweep away the dirt covering a variety of historical treasures, like Roman gold coins, Norse artifacts, Ming vases, spearheads, and the like.

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