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Kids Leopard Panel Shirt

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There’s something exciting and alluring about leopard print anything. Maybe it’s the exoticness of the material representative of an animal admired by basically everyone. Or maybe it’s the way that it feels: soft to the touch, soft on your face, and smooth like a newborn baby. Combine this leopard print craziness with the whole trending movement surrounding bowling shirts that Rockabilly kings and queens love to adore despite the fact that they never really go bowling anyway.

As the collider of two awesome trends in fashion, Steady Vintage Classics has teamed together the suave style of leopard print with the Kingpin-style of bowling shirt for the Leopard Print Panel Shirt. This button-up collared shirt will have your Rockabilly music obsessed babykins grooving all day long and into the night (when they’ll have to rest their head and listen to some Tool because your baby is awesome!)

And as vintage appreciators, Steady takes you back to the days when stand-up bass players were as god-like as lead guitarists; Greasers roamed the earth all rebelliously without a cause and whatnot; everyone wore leopard print and daisy dukes and creepers and Betty Paige-style bangs; greased-back hair was combed with little black comby combs; and people wore sunglasses that were as popular as the milkman who delivered milk in glass bottles. Baby wardrobes will never be the same when they start wearing bowling shirts mixed with leopard print material. It’ll bring out their inner bowling-fanatic and their love for soft, spotted material that’s just as wild as they are.

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