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Kids Retro Cuff

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Accessorizing is a fundamental element in the getting dressed process. Kids love to mix and match clothes with jewelry, jewelry with the perfect scent (that doesn’t smell like old people lathered in musk and flowers), and the perfect scent with the perfect attitude. Once that’s all set and done, they’re ready for the world to either admire or ignore them. Being that your diva/macho rock star is always lookin’ spiff and awesome, they’ll never be ignored; especially in their punk rockin’ Leather Cuffs from Capo & Stubs at Etsy. Sporting a black leather aesthetic (for a fiercer, more rebellious edge than on the pink and dainty bracelet market), independent toddlers will find this item most suitable for their rock n’ roll lifestyle and don’t-give-me-crap-or-I’ll-knock-you-to-the-ground mentality.

Following in the lines of rock goddesses like Joan Jett and Wendy O’ Williams, and punk rock heroes like Johnny Rotten and Darby Crash, younger, spikey-haired, leather-bound front women and men embraced this edgy, unhinged sense of fashion and music (and continue to do so). This punk-inspired cuff exudes a feel of the 1970’s when leather dog collars and studs told everyone to f-off. Not that your kid is trying to do that, but hey, if that happens it happens.

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