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Kid’s VW Van Tent

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Is it inappropriate to buy your kid a tent that features the imprint of the VW van—the ultimate symbol of potheads, free love, and general rejection of societal norms? Hells no! Let’s start our kids off early learning to buy into to the symbolism of countercultural movements. Maybe someday they’ll start a revolution that will trump everything the Occupiers accomplished, and make a difference in this world! But we needn’t get ahead of ourselves, here.

This cute, and really rather funny, VW Van Tent won’t signify anything heady or deep for your kiddo… it’s just a really cool, great place to hide, while playing away the hours and dreaming up tales of magical fairies and sprites. Okay, that’s not so different than what our hippie forebears used it for. In addition to the cutesy factor, the tent wins points for having an easy set-up, built-in UV protection, and a waterproof lining. It comes in pink or blue, and folds up into a carrier bag that, of course, resembles a VW wheel! This tent accommodates up to 3 kids, so start downloading the Grateful Dead tunes, make your own lava lamp, and get the party started!

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