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King Of The Jungle Wall Decal

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The King of the Jungle print is a gorgeous 28” x 48” wall decoration that will certainly help your aspiring little biologist to develop an appreciation for wildlife. In this print, a peacock, elephant, and a lion pose on the savanna while a playful monkey swings from a tree. That sort of sounds like the introduction to a bad joke.

The fun colors and playful animal designs make this a great addition to any playroom or nursery. This is the sort of wall art that sticks with a kid – an evocative scene that gets him or her asking questions: What’s that animal? Why is everything green? Why isn’t the lion eating the peacock?

We had to look up the answer to that last one – it turns out that no, lions do not eat peacocks mostly because they do not share a habitat. Captivity may be a different story, but for now, the internet says no. Actually the internet said, and we quote “no peacocks are never near a lion enough to be eaten.” We’re not sure if they meant “No, peacocks are never near a lion, at least not for the time it would take for a lion to hunt, kill, and eat a peacock,” or “No peacocks happen to venture within the hunting grounds of lions.”

Then again, maybe they do eat lions – maybe that double-negative is intentional! If NO peacocks are NEVER near a lion enough to be eaten, maybe ALL OR SOME peacocks are SOMETIMES OR ALWAYS near a lion enough to be eaten!

Run, Peacock, RUN!

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